Writing groups provide invaluable feedback

Writers, in general, are loners. We sit in front of a computer (or, rarely anymore, with a pencil and notebook) and think and type. Sometimes, I even have to turn my radio off in order to get a thought down on paper. But in order to get to our best work, we need feedback.

I’ve always said even the best writer needs a good editor, but before the editor, a writers group can be invaluable.

“Get other people to evaluate your writing — to tell you what’s wrong with it, what’s right with it and how to fix it,” say Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry in their book, “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.”  “The more input you have, the more you’ll know about how to make your book better.”

I have been part of a couple of great writers groups in the past. Both were memoir writing groups; one was a weeklong workshop, another was a group of people who met weekly for a while. Both groups provided kind but valuable criticism to help me improve my writing.

In addition to the five people close to me who are reviewing my manuscript, I looked up a person I met about four years ago at a local book festival. The extent of her knowledge of me is a lunchtime conversation, but she was willing to take a look at my book if I’m willing to reciprocate, which of course I am.

But I am motivated to find myself an in-person writing group (or start one). I think a group will keep me writing, and I know they would help. I believe I shall begin where it seems everything begins these days: Google!


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