I said lunch, not launch!

“You’ve got your agent list. You’ve
got your killer query. Now it’s time to launch
yourself out into the world.”

~ Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry in “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published”

“Far Out Space Nuts” be darned, now it’s time! I sent five query letters in the mail to New York agents today, and I emailed eight more into the amorphous internet.

With a bit of coaching from Eckstut, I perfected my pitch for “The Drum Line: A Memoir of a Sex Offender’s Wife” and tightened my manuscript. I haven’t heard a word from the two agents I queried in July, but Eckstut predicted that if I query 15 to 20 agents, I should hear back from at least two of them. We’ll see how good a forecaster she is.

“The Drum Line,” a memoir of adultery, sex crime and the demise of a 16-year marriage, is a modern parable on the nature of betrayal, forgiveness and atonement for those who have endured the shame and mystery of secrets in a family. If you were an agent, would you want to read more?


4 thoughts on “I said lunch, not launch!

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  2. Hum…that Eckstut prediction that you’ll get answers from two LA’s after sending out 15 – 20 queries doesn’t sound accurate or realistic. Try 100 – 200, maybe you’ll get a request for the full manuscript. In any case, Richard Bach is correct — never, ever give up! The economy has hit literary agents really hard and publishers even harder. They are both kind of skiddish as to who they reach out to if the writer is unknown (thus, the Snookys, the Justin Beibers, the Sara Palins getting book deals). Just keep plugging away because the premise of your book sounds great. http://www.howthehelldidienduphere.wordpress.com

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