What are the odds?

Six proofs, an editor, at least three more proofs, a paperback version and three epubs, and  this sentence still exists:

The angry spurned angry wife stuffed all her feelings somewhere the junk I collected for the garage sale, to be sold and taken far away where I would never have to deal with them.

“Angry spurned angry”? What? And how about a preposition there between “somewhere” and “the junk” — maybe “somewhere in the junk”?

Two glaring errors in a single sentence. And they don’t come to light until I’m writing the copy for the hardcover flaps. Ugh.

This indie publishing is not easy stuff. But I estimate the odds of reading all 81,513 words aloud to find every last error are about 8 to 1. (If there are 81,513 words, and I read 10,000 aloud, is my math right? Do I need to double-check that, too?)


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