Word of mouth about a book begins with one’s mouth

When I was a marketing executive mingling in direct selling circles (think: Tupperware and Mary Kay), I heard a speaker once tell a crowd of salespeople that the secret to her success was “open your mouth.”

She didn’t have magic fliers or special gifts for hosts or exactly the right words to say, she just put herself out there and talked to people about the products and opportunity she had to offer (thanks, Lisa K.).

That’s how it is with promoting one’s book, too, I believe.

I secured my first (note: “first”) book signing by walking into a locally owned bookstore on Saturday and opening my mouth: “Do you ever sell books from self-published authors?”

Turns out, the answer is yes, and sometimes they host book signings for self-published authors, too! You’ll note I have an “Events” tab on this website now.

Review copies

The “open your mouth” trick worked today at the post office, too. While I was busily packaging and addressing review copies of “The Percussionist’s Wife” for the press, I struck up a conversation with the woman behind the desk, who asked what my book was about.

“Oh, it’s a memoir about my first marriage,” I said. “I was married to a man who was investigated and prosecuted for a sex crime involving one of his students. I wrote it for other women married to liars so they could learn from my mistakes. Does that sound interesting to you?”

The answer was yes (oh, joy!). We chatted some more and before I left, I gave her my business card with this website on it and told her she could check it out to learn more about my book.

Since this approach is working so well, I’ll ask this of bloggers who drop by: Would you be interested in participating in a blog tour about my book where you review it on your blog? If you’re interested, drop me a note at mindfulmonica@yahoo.com.

One never knows what will happen when one opens one’s mouth.


3 thoughts on “Word of mouth about a book begins with one’s mouth

  1. Um,… wow! Not an area where I’m qualified to comment, so just, “Wow!” You appear to have escaped without major visible scars on your pysche, so kudos and good luck with your book!

  2. You just answered two of my biggest questions about self-publishing with real life experience. And the answers feed an excitement I’m trying to suppress because I still want to publish traditionally, darn it! Stop dishing out this good news!

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