‘The Percussionist’s Wife’ steps to online stage for sale

I am as excited as a precocious fourth grader playing the lead tree in the spring pageant as she’s standing behind the stage curtain while her teacher is introducing the concept of the show to an auditorium full of parents.

“I’m so pleased to introduce to you … the world premiere of … Monica Lee’s first book, ‘The Percussionist’s Wife’!”

Fine. Technically, some versions of book have been available on Amazon for two weeks while I was proofing and testing it. Which you could have seen had you “liked” my Facebook page. Feel free to “like” my page now, especially as I post news and photos there. So maybe the photos are of various versions of the book cover and random quotes from the book, but still … Unique! Exclusive! Like!

Well, anyway, calling this a world premiere gives this amazing-to-me-and-my-close-knit-circle-of-friends business some gravitas, so let’s go with it.

Here’s the blurb of my world-premiere book:

Author Monica Lee explores themes of fidelity, faith and justice in “The Percussionist’s Wife: A Memoir of Sex, Crime & Betrayal,” the true story about the demise of a marriage after her husband is caught in a compromising situation with one of his drum line students. The author, a former journalist, draws on her skills as a daily newspaper reporter and relies on the police evidence file to recreate her husband’s ongoing philandering with his students throughout their marriage and to illustrate how she coped — or didn’t — with criminal charges against him. In a perverse age when politicians hide children bred by their mistresses and coaches prey upon their charges, “The Percussionist’s Wife” is a modern parable on the nature of betrayal and atonement for those who have endured the shame and mystery of unspeakable secrets.

Gotta have it? Know someone who could learn from my story? “The Percussionist’s Wife” is available from these fine online retailers:

  • Paperback at Amazon ($16.95)
  • Hardcover at Lulu ($32.95)
  • Amazon Kindle ($9.95) including Amazon.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.es.
  • Barnes & Noble Nook ($9.95)
  • Kobo for iPad ($9.95). (If you read books on your iPad but aren’t familiar with Kobo, download the Kobo app on your iPad and buy the book on Kobo.com.)

And if you’re among the eager readers who’ve already downloaded and read “The Percussionist’s Wife,” first of all, thank you! If you really want to be helpful, go back to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and review it for me, will you?

Man, the lights are blinding out here on stage. Pray I don’t lose my voice (or, at least, my ability to type). Thanks all.


4 thoughts on “‘The Percussionist’s Wife’ steps to online stage for sale

  1. Best of luck Monica. Ada bought a paperback and will ask you to sign it.

    I bought the kindle version for my iPad and will read it again.

    Love you,


    • Thank you! Actually, I have a book signing scheduled Oct. 17 at the bookstore in Woodstock. Working on securing more of those this week. Maybe I’ll get one close to you.

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