‘Percussionist’s Wife’ blog tour — keeping it real

Publishing “The Percussionist’s Wife: A Memoir of Sex, Crime & Betrayal” was scary for me. Putting my irrational thinking and poor choices on paper for the world to read wasn’t easy. I still struggle with the tension between living up to my “straight A” ideals and being authentically flawed.

If I didn’t admit to my mistakes, could I pretend they didn’t happen?

Of course not. Putting it out there was freeing. Like me or don’t. Reader’s choice. It’s OK.

I think readers appreciate shades of gray (pun intended?). Imperfect heroes and human villains are more interesting. In the end, it was easier writing an honest story than it would have been to write a comfortable story, even if you don’t agree with how a character behaves. Many readers have said things like “I found myself angry with you for under valuing yourself. You have always been an amazing person and it frustrated me to read you letting yourself me treated poorly.” If you’ve read the book, you know what I mean. I’m just a storyteller. If I can help others see their own value, be more compassionate and make better decisions, then I’ve succeeded.

Today, I have a really fun thing to announce — “The Percussionist’s Wife” blog tour. Some blog friends post reviews of the memoir today.

They are interesting bloggers in any case, so you might find some new blogs to follow, too. Take a few minutes, and hop around the linked blogs below and enjoy! And for goodness sake, if you’ve blogged about “The Percussionist’s Wife” and didn’t get on the blog tour list below, please put your link in the comment section below so others can visit your posts as well. I don’t want anyone getting left out.

Here are the bloggers who are posting today:

Already, Molly at The Inner Skinny Me mentioned my book as part of the inspiration for starting her blog, and coming soon, A Book and a Review plans to review “The Percussionist’s Wife.”


And thank you for all your support.


One thought on “‘Percussionist’s Wife’ blog tour — keeping it real

  1. so thrilled about your ‘blog’ tour and great attention your book is getting. Well deserved attention! I confess to be a slow reader (not slow to read, but slow to make time to read!) but have gladly suffered through several early mornings wake up calls after a night of ‘just one more page’ reading of your novel. Practical me knows I need to go to bed so I’m not struggling the next morning, but curious me just can’t stop reading!

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