A writer’s legacy

What does a struggling writer do when writing a will for her earthly store of belongings that include a closet full of used clothing, shelves of books and a trickle of book royalties?

She bequeathes her unpublished writings to an executor, of course, with specific instruction. Too bad she can’t edit them, too.

My husband and I talked about our last will and testament the other day, and I mentioned I wanted an editor to cull through my computer for unpublished works and comb through my Minnesota Transplant blog for scintillating gems to create and publish “The Unfinished Works of Monica Lee” in the event of my untimely demise.

This, he agreed to do because he loves me like that. I’m sure my legions of fans are breathing a sign of relief.

So it’s sort of sad serendipity that the observation of IndiesForward Day crosses my desk today.

logoToday is IndiesForward Day, a special blogging event dedicated to spreading the legacy of Julie Forward DeMay and her memoir “The Cell War Notebooks.”

Julie died of cervical cancer at 37, leaving behind a passel of blog entries compiled during the last seven months of her life. Her mother published her words to raise awareness of cervical cancer. According to the organizers of this blog tour, her book is “inspiring, witty, beautiful and brutally honest. The Cell War Notebooks is a powerful read for anyone, whether your life has been touched by cancer or not.”

cell wars book coverCheck out the paperback on Amazon and keep up with the latest news on Facebook (believe me, if Julie were alive, she would love to the see the “Likes” pile up whether or not you choose to invest in the book). All proceeds from book sales go to Julie’s 9-year-old daughter.

I don’t know that anyone would find my unpublished works “touching,” so it’s an honor to promote someone’s whose words are.


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