Romance anthology offers a chance to try something different

Writers generally work in lonely obscurity.

Which is just fine with me. I’m the introvert who needs to be coaxed into saying, “Good morning” most days.

But sometimes a writer gets the chance to contribute to a project, and it’s great fun to work alongside a group of vibrant, creative individuals.

cover shotI had that opportunity recently with a romance anthology project titled “8 Slices of Cake.”

Australian author Melanie Toye invited me to submit a short story related in some way to a fictional wedding of Michael and Ava. The only two requirements:

  1. Write your own story about two guests attending the wedding. Write in any style and any genre you want.
  2. A connection between each short story will include one tier of cake — your choice — which will make up an 8-tier cake.

Eight female authors from around the world contributed to book, and it’s interesting to see how the stories fit together. I tried my hand at a bit of fiction about a divorcée named Hope and her Aunt Georgia, married to Hope’s favorite uncle, Rufus. Here’s a snippet:

Uncle Rufus was Hope’s favorite uncle, her mother’s thrice-married brother. An unconventional academic who taught creative writing at a university, he was the sort of uncle who thought deeply, laughed often and always was willing to speak the truth.

“What? A wedding hard to take? I love weddings,” Rufus said.

“Obviously,” Hope said, opening her eyes wide.

“You’re not thinking of following in my footsteps, are you? Course, I’m pretty happy now with your Auntie Georgia.”

“Good, third time’s the charm then,” Hope said.

“8 Slices of Cake” comes out Friday, and we’re all quite excited about it. If you’re interested in following news about it, “like” the Facebook page for the book at

It’s that time of year. Love — and satisfying collaboration — are in the air!


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