Sharing magic

Writers mingling with writers is so much fun.

Non-writers sometimes can’t understand us writers. We’re so introverted and thrilled with strange things (like alliteration and clever metaphors — and research! who likes research?! writers do!), but when we’re together, oh, the joy in talking about muses and first proofs and page formatting.

I had a meeting like that today with Chicago-area author Jennifer Holik who writes about World War II and children’s genealogy. She’s preparing a new book for publication, “Stories of the Lost” which tells the tales of four brave men who fought in World Wars I & II. It’s coming out in May (click here to fan the Facebook page about the book).

She shared with me a little bit about the impressive research required in tracking down these stories and a little bit about her inspiration. It was exciting to talk with her.

Meetings like today’s remind me how important it is to mingle with other writers. I always learn new things, and their excitement can be contagious.


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