Book offers bite-sized mindfulls of inspiration

I don’t know why anthologies aren’t more popular, what with our short attention spans.

An anthology is a collection of poetry or other pieces of writing, little bite-sized mindfulls of prose for filling a few minutes at a time. “Chicken Soup for the Soul” is a great example of a series that’s capitalized on this type of book.

seek Your peakI recently enjoyed “Seek Your Peak to Find Your Spark,” an anthology by April M. Williams Productions. The second volume in a series, it’s a collection of essays by what appears to be northern Illinois self-published authors about finding one’s passion. As in the romance anthology I was invited to contribute to (“8 Slices of Cake,” 2013), I like the concept of telling a story in several different ways.

I love supporting self-published authors when I can, and I found this collection to be inspiring in part because all the contributors are writers and many of the contributions touch on writing. What’s great about this anthology is the opportunity to be exposed to a number of different perspectives and writing styles, many of them written like little memoirs.

Some examples: Michelle Stien writes about how she finds meaning in her work as a mother. Ed Finnegan writes with precision and passion about flying airplanes. Dale Nelson writes a fun and lively piece about her dedication to animal rescue.

I read a lot of this handy Kindle ebook while sweating away on the stepmill (an activity that requires motivation if anything does), and some advice the resonated with me:

“I’d say do everything halfway, absolutely everything,” advises Hardie Karges. “Those halfway points can be stepping stones to something greater, or a turning point to something different and better, or an easier return if you’ve made a mistake.”

Linda Hayes writes an inspiring piece about life’s deeper purpose: “My passion is to take my struggles and success stories and encourage others to turn their heartaches into success stories too.”

“Whatever your interest, it’s never too late to pick it up again and follow its lead,” writes Joyce Kocinski, an artist and author I know in “real” life.

This book is a wonderful tool anyone who’s a little bit lost can use to find and launch their dreams.


4 thoughts on “Book offers bite-sized mindfulls of inspiration

  1. So glad you liked my chapter “Tails of My Life” about my adventures in animal rescue. Just a clarification, I am a female, cursed with a male name! LOL Dale Nelson

    • Of course, I think that’s clear in the story, but I was sloppy in writing the review. I fixed it up in the body of the post. Thanks for stopping by!

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