A juicy read, this book inspires writers

The book just begs to be picked up, so I did, and, boy, am I glad! If you’re a writer, you might be blessed to pick it up, too.

juicy pensJuicy Pens, Thirsty Paper: Gifting the World With Your Words and Stories and Creating The Time and Energy to Actually Do It is as yummy inside as it looks on the cover. SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) illustrated every individual letter inside the book (she gives us a peek into her creative process by noting she handwrites at least 1,000 pages for each of her books).

This is the sort of writer’s book that is short enough so as not to make a writer feel guilty to be reading but long enough that it inspires her to get back to back to her notebook or keyboard.

It’s filled with practical tips, the kind of ideas that make you believe there are stories around every corner and truly thirsty reams of paper. But even better are her encouraging words that every solitary writer who works as she looks longingly out a nearby window needs to hear:

“You dare to fill the world with your enthusiasm, perspective and experiences, … to write the rage and ordinary and dumb details, … to be seen as flawed, … to be viewed and projected upon as wildly successful and ingenious … how dare you?”


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