A cover is born! And a launch date has been set (for real!)

Well, it looks like I have a cover for my new book, Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat: On Finding the Meaning of “Like” in 1982.

Remember I had readers vote for their favorite from among five options, oh, about two months ago? Has it been that long? Yes. I would apologize, except I’ve been ridiculously busy and I’ve designed the interior of the paperback, so it’s not like I’ve been sitting around eating bonbons. Well, there was a lot of Christmas chocolate consumed, but I did other stuff, too. I’m back, and in addition to revealing the cover, I’m announcing the launch of my latest book (see below).

The blue shoes on Options 1 and 2 inspired the most votes, almost exactly the same number of tallies. Option 5, created by Fiverr artist Janielescueta, came in third place, with Options 3 (“A La Glass Castle”) and 4 (“Graffiti”) bringing up the rear. Because my primary audience is teenage girls, I decided to go with Option 2 (with a few tweaks), which I think carries the modern vibe while tipping its hat to 1982 (or maybe I should say, “tipping a toe in 1982”).


Amy’s comment leads me to believe that Option 2 is the right choice: “I think the one with the blue shoes amongst the black heels appeals to both young girls and those of us that grew up in the 80s. It’s eye catching and interesting, making you want to find out what it’s about.” And Karla sealed the deal when she wrote, “I think it appeals to women because of the variety of shoes. Also, I think having a real person on the cover of a memoir makes it more personal, regardless of whether or not it is the actual author.”

For the record, this book is definitely personal but those aren’t my legs. Images of me in the ‘80s do appear within the pages of the book. Oh, joy!

Six times as many people voted anonymously with the Polldaddy poll than those who made comments. So thank you to all those who registered an opinion!

To choose the winner of the free signed copy from among commenters here on the blog and on Facebook, I used a handy random number generator at random.org.

And the winner of the free book is …


Congratulations, Mary! I appreciate you weighing in. I know who you are and where you live, dear godmother, so a signed color copy will be mailed to you as soon as the book comes out. When is that, curious readers want to know?

March 28, 2017

blogging-bonanza-bugStay tuned for more news here. I still have a ton of things to prepare, but I’m celebrating the countdown to launch with a month-long blogging bonanza, which mean I’ll be blogging here every day this month about my book, about memoirs in general and about the launch.

Thanks for the help and the support! Love you all!


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