Let’s hit this like a piñata! New title is now available!


Today’s the big day! My third book, Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat: On Finding the Meaning of “Like” in 1982 is available for sale on Amazon.

It’s a story that’s been three and half decades in the making and took, oh, about five years to coalesce into something comprehensible, but you’ll love it if you’re a teenage girl or was one once. Do you remember your first French kiss? Did it change you? This book explores that moment for me and how it changed desire and my perspective on boys forever (let’s just say I’m a fan–of both kissing and the opposite sex).

It’s set in 1982 in Wadena, Minnesota, so it’s got Pac-Man, friendship pins, snow days and Sunnybrook Park. You’ll feel like you’re sneaking a peek at my diaries (no guilt!). Like my first memoir, subtitled with “sex, crime and betrayal,” there’s little about kissing, a little about a petty crime and a little bit of double-dealing, too.

If you like ebooks, it’s available on Kindle. If old-fashioned paper is more your style, there’s the paperback. It’s not on Nook yet because I’m taking advantage of Kindle’s special promotion program that makes the e-book available for free to Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited. Yes, free!

* * *

blogging-bonanza-bugI’ve been celebrating with a month-long blogging bonanza. I’ll be blogging here every day until the end of this month about my book, about memoirs in general and about the launch. Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat: On Finding the Meaning of “Like” in 1982 is now available on Amazon! Confetti! Cake! Applause!

The paperback is $11.95 and available here.

The Kindle edition is $3.95. If you’re a member of KindleUnlimited or Amazon Prime, it’s FREE! Click here.


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