Book reading tomorrow

Reading is a solitary activity. Books are usually an intimate experience between a reader and the printed (or possibly electronic) page.

Unless someone is reading aloud. Now the singular experience can be shared.

Just a reminder: I will be reading from my latest book at 11 o’clock tomorrow morning at Wadena Public Library, 304 First St. SW, Wadena, Minn. I dreamed only two people showed up, and when they realized they were the only ones, they left. Don’t let this teenage-type nightmare come true.

My latest work is Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise or Repeat: On Finding the Meaning of “Like” in 1982, the autobiographical fiction novel about the year I turned 15 and learned to French kiss. Set in Wadena in the early ’80s, it’s a book for young adults and all the people who yearn to relive a simpler time.

I’ve chosen three passages from which to read (including a passage from the actual diary I kept at the time), and I’ll talk about memoirs, writing and self-publishing. Of course, I’ll take questions, too. Do you have a story in you? A question about writing or publishing? Come join me and we’ll make the solitary experience a little more communal for a few minutes.


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